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Meringue Fruit Cake

Gluten Free

Fluffy Meringue Roll filled with fresh strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, and whipped cream


Coffee Cake

Layers of coffee dipped ladyfingers and Mascarpone whipped cream, topped with sifted cocoa powder

Salam de Biscuiti Romanesc

Romanian Tea Biscuit Salami

Crushed tea biscuits mixed with chocolate buttercream (rolled to look like salami), and cut into slices

Cornulete Umplute

Filled Crescent Rolls

Sweet Crescent Rolls filled with Turkish delight or walnuts and Jam

Cream Rolls

Golden flaky puff pastry filled with whipped cream filling, sprinkled with powder sugar


Chocolate buttercream and walnut cookie

Chocolate buttercream sponge kisses, rolled in walnuts, and drizzled with semi-sweet chocolate

Chec Marmorat

Marbled Cake

Marble Cake with Walnuts or Tart Cherries


A traditional Romanian sweet cheese pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar.


A layer of whipped vanilla cream with a layer of whipped cream on a perfectly baked pastry dough


Peaches Dessert

Two dome cookies filled with apricot buttercream, rolled in granulated sugar.

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We are an online pastry shop selling high quality European Desserts, specializing in Romanian cakes and pastries.
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